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The School of Continuing Education received Research Grants from RGC


An institutional research project led by Professor Ronald Chung, Dean of School of Continuing Education (SCE), with Dr. Sam Lau as Project Leader, was awarded the Institutional Development Scheme (IDS) Research Infrastructure Grant of HK$2.8 million from the RGC Competitive Research Funding Schemes for the Local Self-financing Degree Sector 2020/21. 


With the Grant awarded, the School will establish a “Research Centre for Environment and Human Health” that aligns with the strategic areas of SCE’s institutional development plan and that builds upon the foundation of the first IDS Research Grant (2016-2018). The Centre focuses on research that make practical contributions to society; and in the long run, aims to develop practical solutions for sustainable development in Hong Kong, focusing on physical, physiological and mental health in a high-density, urbanised environment. 


Another project titled “The Hong Kong Cinema in the Age of Precarity” was also awarded with HK$0.5 million under the Faculty Development Scheme, with Dr. Enoch Tam, Programme Director of Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Writing for Film, Television and New Media, as the Principal Investigator. The project aims to contribute a new critical perspective on the complexity of the social, cultural and political changes in Hong Kong cinema in the 2010s. 


The recognition from RGC towards the awarded research projects serve as a great encouragement for academic staff to pursue research to benefit society and enhance learning and teaching.


“Colleagues’ continued efforts and endeavors in research are much appreciated. Not only is research an important activity to the society at large, it is also a key activity to assure that our teaching is constantly updated with the latest questions to ask, and the latest development in the various disciplines and subject fields.” said Professor Chung, Dean of SCE.