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Research Mingle event empowers researchers with support from HKBU Research Office


To foster collaboration and ignite the research spirit, the HKBU Research Office recently hosted a captivating "Research Mingle Fuel Your Research with the Support from the Research Office." Held on November 29, 2023, the event brought together a diverse group of enthusiastic researchers and scholars from various disciplines, creating an exciting atmosphere.

The event kicked off with vibrant opening remarks from HKBU's Vice-President (Research and Development), Professor Lyu Aiping. Professor Lyu highlighted the significance of nurturing collaborative teams within the HKBU research community, setting the stage for an inspiring and fruitful gathering. Mr Ivan Lau, Manager of the Research Office, then took the stage to introduce the multitude of grant schemes available to researchers. His engaging presentation provided vital information and guidance, illuminating new and innovative initiatives. Participants were left feeling invigorated and empowered with fresh ideas to fuel their research endeavours.

Adding to the excitement, Dr Yu Rongjun, Associate Director of the HKBU Life Science Imaging Centre, shared the latest cutting-edge Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) facility and sparked imaginations with possibilities for collaborative projects. The room buzzed with enthusiasm as researchers absorbed the insights and contemplated new avenues for exploration.

The true highlight of the event was the mingling session, which served as a hub for lively discussions, idea exchanges, and networking among participants and Research Office colleagues. Researchers from diverse backgrounds engaged in animated conversations, discussing grant applications and sharing captivating research initiatives. The event became a catalyst for interdisciplinary collaborations, fostering a vibrant and dynamic research culture within the HKBU community.

The Research Office's unwavering commitment to supporting researchers and nurturing a vibrant research culture was on full display, showcasing HKBU's dedication to excellence in research. The event served as a testament to HKBU's thriving research community and its collective pursuit of knowledge and innovation. With the success of the Research Mingle event, anticipation grows for future gatherings that will continue to inspire and fuel the research passions of HKBU's remarkable researchers.

For more upcoming events of this new series, please stay tuned to our event page. Discover more exciting research news, events and stories of our talented HKBU researchers on our LinkedIn page.