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Unleashing the power of interdisciplinary synergy: “Research Mingle” event charts future of integrated translational Chinese medicine


The HKBU Research Office is proud to have witnessed the unprecedented united power of interdisciplinary synergy within the HKBU research community in our recent cross-over “Research Mingle” event, with the HKBU School of Chinese Medicine on April 10, 2024 (Wednesday). Regarding the vital role of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in HKBU’s research cluster of “Health and Drug Discovery”, this signifying event themed integrated medicine and translational theranostics assembled researchers across disciplines, incubating ideas for new and enhanced research collaborations. 

The keynote address was delivered by Professor Lyu Aiping, Vice-President (Research and Development) of HKBU and Acting Dean of the School. “Think of the integration of culture. Chinese medicine is a kind of culture,” Professor Lyu indicated the significance of integration between the East and the West in terms of arts, culture, medicine and science. Adding to the prominence of TCM, he underscored the potential of its integration with Western medical practices for future healthcare breakthroughs.

Professor Zhang Ge, Associate Dean (Research) of Chinese Medicine, continued the momentum with a resonating talk on the future development of TCM, “Let’s find our path to development by celebrating our uniqueness.” Professor Zhang pinpointed HKBU’s research capability of integrating traditional wisdom, contemporary science and technology, medication, scholarly and clinical research, and more fields.

The event was further enriched by the contributions of several esteemed researchers, invited by Professor Zhang to share their insights. After Professor Li Min and Professor Zhang Hongjie shared their vision for the research progression and future development of TCM, notable researchers from other disciplines such as Professor Rick Wong and Professor Liu Jiming from the Faculty of Science, Professor Johnny Poon from the School of Creative Arts, and Professor Cheng Yuk Shing from the School of Business, offered their expert perspectives and expressed a robust eagerness in actively forging dynamic interdisciplinary collaborations with the School.

This event provided fertile ground for sowing the seeds of innovative collaboration to propel the fields of health and drug discovery to new heights. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our MC Dr Liu Jin, Assistant Professor at the School, who set the stage for an afternoon of enlightening discourse, and all the brilliant and enthusiastic participants. We sincerely look forward to the groundbreaking research initiatives that will undoubtedly emerge from this gathering.

For more upcoming events of the “Research Mingle” series, please stay tuned to our event page. Discover more exciting research news, events and stories of our talented HKBU researchers on our LinkedIn page.