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Venturing to the Unknown: Men’s Studies in Greater China


Among many studies that surround specific social groups, there seems to be a deficiency of study done specifically about males. When discussing gender in social problems or personal problems, many studies would naturally gravitate towards the female group, since female have been and still are a disadvantaged group in many perspectives. However, this take would overlook the practical need of males when they are facing challenges. Through exploring men's issues from different dimensions, this website attempts to fill the gaps.


The “Venturing to the Unknown: Men’s Studies in Greater China” website collects and shares research done by Dr. Simon Chan (Associate Professor, Department of Social Work) and co-researchers. The whole website is grouped under four main categories, each with an introductory video, a specifically designed infographic to sum up relevant research findings, and full-texts of research papers.


  • Trauma
  • Men in Disadvantage
  • Service Delivery
  • Gender Difference


A large amount of Hong Kong’s, Taiwan’s, and Mainland’s statistical data about men are also consolidated and presented on the website here.