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Mr. Wang Xiangwei talks on China’s international communication policy, opportunities and challenges




Mr. Wang Xiangwei, former Editor-in-Chief, South China Morning Post, delivered a distinguished lecture titled “Communicating China to the World: Opportunities and Challenges” on 22 June 2022. 


China seeks to convey positive views about its rise in the world but considerable obstacles lie in its endeavor. Mr. Wang analyzed Beijing’s evolving thinking and policy on international communication over the past decades, and shared his 30-year experiences of reporting and writing about China to illustrate its opportunities and challenges. He also discussed new dynamics that underpin its global engagement in a fast-changing geopolitical landscape. 


Co-organised by the Institute of Creativity (IoC) and the Research Office, the lecture was part of the HKBU Distinguished Lecture Series 2022 that aims to bring leading researchers from the field of interdisciplinary research to talk about current grand challenges.


About the speaker

Mr Wang Xiangwei is an award-winning journalist with a career of 30 years in the media industry. Recognized as one of Asia’s leading commentators on China and its international relations, his weekly column China Briefing in the South China Morning Post has a massive following. He took up the current role, Editorial Advisor, South China Morning Post in 2016. Prior to that, He was the newspaper’s Editor-in-Chief for nearly four years, responsible for the editorial direction and newsroom operations and managing a newsroom of more than 200 journalists. 


About Institute of Creativity

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